Gather items from any online store into one convenient place.

Lessli lets you save, organize, and buy items from any online store, all in one place.


Copy and paste product URL from any online store into Lessli.


Create a personalized space resembling a visual wishlist, where you can explore and review your selected items.
Prioritize your items and assign labels.


All your online purchase details, from receipts to order confirmations, are neatly stored in one place.

Hey there, Future Lesslians!

Meet the faces behind the magic—Shamon Hanna and Louis Antonini. We’re not your typical founders; we’re the cool minds crafting a shopping revolution.

Shamon, a seasoned entrepreneur who previously led a lending revolution. He’s the marketing maestro, turning customer problems into an art form.

Louis, our tech maestro, is an ex-PayPal engineer with a knack for AI and payments. He built payment systems for e-commerce giants, making transactions smarter than Einstein.

Together, we saw the chaos of open tabs, the frustration of missed deals. Enter Lessli—a place where your dream purchases from all corners of the internet come together for a stress-free, joyful shopping experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or just someone tired of cluttered choices, Lessli is your haven. Ready to organize your online world? Dive into Lessli and be part of a shopping future that’s as exciting as finding a hidden gem.

Sign up for early access and let’s make online shopping uniquely yours!

Happy Shopping, Shamon and Louis – The Lessli Team